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Worship through media

The mission of Hope Production is to provide a distraction-free atmosphere for worship and the bold proclamation of God’s truth. Those who serve in this ministry understand they are the caretakers of the mission. We recognize this is not simply a support function, but a ministry in itself. As an art form, its contribution to weekend services is substantial and powerfully effective.

Our Production Team involves several media forms including, but not limited to audio, video, and lighting. Together they create an experience that ushers people into an attitude of worshiping Christ and thereby opening hearts and ears to hear God’s Truth.

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We invite people passionate about worship and media to join our team.

Broadcast Video Switcher

Serves during all services

The Broadcast Switcher is responsible for all aspects of the video broadcast component for the weekend worship experience. They will direct a team of camera operators to capture and cover each service on Saturday and Sunday. An understanding of composition, motion, and lighting is essential.

Projection Operator

Serves during all services

The Projection Operator is responsible for the content of things seen on screen during the weekend inside the worship centre.  This will include the lyrics for songs, videos, and countdowns.

FOH Sound Mixer

Serves during all services

The FOH Sound Engineer is responsible for the auditory aspects of the weekend worship experience.  They should have an understanding of audio technology, signal flow, live mixing.  Responsibilities may also include communicating with the worship team, stage set-up, and troubleshooting.

Broadcast Sound Mixer

Serves during all services

The Broadcast Sound Engineer will work in conjunction with the FOH Sound Engineer and is responsible for the auditory component of the live video broadcast of the weekend worship experience.

Camera Operator

Serves during all services

Camera Operators are responsible for shooting the worship experience under the direction of the Broadcast Video Switcher. They will operate video cameras during the worship service.  An understanding of lighting, composition, and other basic videography aspects is essential.


Serves during one of three services

The Event Photographer is responsible for taking photos during church events.  They form an important team of people that help document church events.

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For more information about this ministry, please contact:

John Ioannou

Production Manager